The Osprey


Along the shore of a lonely river

rippled by the breeze

an Osprey soars the skies above

chirping confidently through the clouds.

He claims this kingdom for his own

gliding in a graceful flight,

dancing with the wind.



The Return

A lifetime we rested, high above,

entrenched beneath the sand.

Watching as new creatures came

to live upon the land.

And in a moment we were gone,

silent as the tree –

no one there to hear us fall,

we wandered towards the sea.

The Giants of First Light

We stood there like Giants at the edge of the land –

while a gentle daybreak kissed the sand.

And just like the Jötunn, we were the first –

walking the shores as the sunlight burst.

Sól returned us to mortal form –

our shadows faded, back to norm.

But for a moment, we stood proud –

before the world, Giants endowed.


I should be happy

I should be free

The world is there

for all to see.

I should be happy

but I feel down

above the surf

and yet I drown.

I should be happy

to live and breath

a life of wonder

just believe.

Can I be happy?

Is it not real?

I want to smile

I want to feel

But what is happy?

a fleeting thought?

Joyful memory?

well I’ve forgot.

The world’s not happy

it’s cracked and torn

Children die

before they’re born.

If I were happy

what would I do?

Sit and laugh?

would you laugh too?

I’m so happy

to be here..

pretend to smile

my biggest fear

Are they happy?

Are they like me?

Drowning above

the silent sea

The world is happy

despite our faults

when I am happy

time just halts.

I will be happy

for some love me

for they are true

so I must be.

In a moment

all is well

friends and family

life is swell

Happy today

subject to change

life moves forward


Tides of Torment

As crested waves invade the land to crash on rocky shores
Something echoes in my mind, into the sea it pours
Spilling the thoughts that hide themselves into the tortured well,
Taken out to drown among the clouded dreams of ghosts who dwell –
Where love is lost with sadness, longing filled with grief
Her tides that feed our madness, marooned beyond the reef
The sea connects us to our past, calls us to her shore
Pulls us to the haunted depths, beneath the ocean floor
(sorry for my absence)